Our Company

At 6AM Core Collective, our PASSION is partnering with others to develop thriving real estate and real estate-related business that bring fulfillment to people, benefit to society, and glory to God.

Our Services

Our CORE FOCUS is providing strategic and support services to the following companies.

Property Management, Brokerage and Sales

CrestCore Property Management

Do you have an investment property and don't want the hassle of managing it on your own?

Become part of our Property Management Company and let our team of professionals handle the management of your investment property. You and your tenants will be glad you made the switch!

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CrestCore Realty

In the market to expand your real estate portfolio and get the best deal on your next investment property?

Let our team of Licensed Real Estate Brokers help you get the best deals in the market today!

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Property Maintenance and Construction

CityLight Commercial Services

Maintenance services for your investment property with CityLight.

Our team of certified professionals will help you get what you need for your investment properties so that you don't have to go through the hassle!

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Staffing Solutions and Financial Services

CoreAssist Staffing Solutions

Are you ready to take your customer support team to the next level?

Let us help you build a team of highly trained and professional support staff to take care of your customers, you and your customers will definitely feel the change!

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CoreLend Financial

Ready to expand your property portfolio?

Let us give you a leg up by helping you get the funds to expand your investment property portfolio!

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